What’s new with the SafeMoon Wallet? Here is The SafeMoon Lowdown!

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What’s new with the SafeMoon Wallet?

“How do you like them apples🍏🍏🍏📲?” That was Ryan, our Global Head of Product’s queue to the SafeMoon Army on Twitter that the long-anticipated Dark Mode IS HERE for iOS. (Android will be updated soon!)

Here are all of the changes that can be found in this SafeMoon Wallet update (2.1.0):

  • Dark Mode

  • Wallet Connect

  • Transaction Signing

  • Swap Confirmation Screen

  • Send/Receive removed from SafeMoon V1

  • “thou” button replaces “tri” button in the calculator

  • Fixed currency default upon app close

  • V1 removed from the swap entirely except for migration

Web Swap via Wallet Connect is a new alternative if you are experiencing issues in the wallet swap on iOS! To do this, go to https://swap.safemoon.net/#/swap in an external browser and open a new connection in Wallet Connect’s settings. This is a new way to purchase V2 SFM and migrate to V2!

Check out how easy it is to use below!

*Credit to Galan of Taa – Sr. Mod for the wonderful information and video

A friendly reminder from Hoffy, one of our Discord Moderators, “With the new #SAFEMOONWALLET update, be sure to enable “Transaction signing”. It’s an added layer of security for your holdings!”

V1 Update

Pancake Swap now has a warning if you try to trade V1 SFM. This is an important update that will protect SafeMoon holders and their tokens!

SafeMoon Gaming

This Saturday (Jan 8th) 12-3PM Mountain Time (2PM EST/8PM CET), John is going to play games on the Gaming server (probably Halo and Foxhole, depending on what he wants)

Want to play Foxhole with John but have NO CLUE what it is? Sander, the Gaming SafeMoon Gaming Community Manager, provided a guide for us noobs!

Updates from John

  • “Great Metrics coming from the billboard 🙂”


  • A: Hi John, I am personally really worried about the V2 liquidity pool being unlocked, we will not pass an audit with this. What security is there to stop people for taking this? Or one day saying we’ve been ‘hacked’ and there is nothing you guys can do.
    John: You can be concerned. But we are not locking it. Its archaic and isn’t actually safer. We are just putting our fate in someone else’s hands.
    B: Do you think Coinbase locks its liquidity?
    John: Don’t lock, insure.
    C: Ohhhh this excites me A LOT!!
    John: Cant insure it if a 3RD PARTY has custody.

  • Referring to the scammer’s wallet who exploited v1 through a whitelisted wallet utilizing a 3rd party. (For more information on the exploit, check out yesterday’s recap here):
    Can you verify? John and the SFM team have blocked the wallet. The wallet cannot make any transactions. Thankfully it was caught and he didn’t get away with that money.
    John: One could say, it is burned now? hmmm

  • Are you at speaking at Cryptopia during the Sundance Festival? If yes, what will you talk about?
    John: I am

  • John, is the locked LP ready to be moved and waiting for phase 3 or?
    John: Waiting on the 3rd party

  • If i didn’t do a v2 migration already am i f***ed now?
    John: As long as you DONT TRANSFER but import your seedphrase to the SafeMoon wallet. You should be good.

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