Important SafeMoon updates! Here Is Today’s The SafeMoon Lowdown!

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SafeMoon Sunday Update

SafeMoon CEO John Karony sent out this tweet today saying, “Inspiring skies at the #SAFEMOON HQ in Utah. Look forward to #SAFEMOONSUNDAY! See you there #SAFEMOONARMY

Please stay posted for more information on January 9th’s SafeMoon Sunday!

Ryan Arriaga (Global Head of Product) added,
“Was indeed a gorgeous day today at #SAFEMOON HQ #SAFEMOONSUNDAY is around the corner! #SAFEMOONCONNECT#SAFEMOONV2#SAFEMOONWALLET

When asked what SafeMoon Sunday would cover this week, Ryan replied, “On SafeMoon Sunday we will “connect” with you all.” 👀

SafeMoon Website Update

Check it out at

Exchange Migration Update

(A big thank you to Chris, one of our Discord Community Managers, for compiling this list!)

SafeMoon Headquarters

John recently tweeted an update about the SafeMoon HQ stating, “Move-in day at the #SAFEMOON HQ with @TheFudHound.” Enjoy the video 👀

What’s new with the SafeMoon Wallet?

Both the iOS and Android wallet update are here!!

Galan of Taa, a SafeMoon Discord Senior Mod who works closely with the wallet team, posted this update on Twitter earlier:

SafeMoon Wallet update:

  • Dark Mode

  • Wallet Connect

  • Transaction Signing

  • Swap Confirmation Screen

  • Send/Receive removed from SafeMoon V1

  • “thou” button replaces “tri” button in the calculator

  • Fixed currency default upon app close

  • V1 removed from the swap entirely except for migration

  • My Contacts added to settings

Reminder: If you are having issues with the SafeMoon Wallet, please send an e-mail to Please be sure to include this information in your e-mail so we can give you the best help possible:

  • Specific device model

  • OS Version (must include the number – not just “iOS” or “Android”)

  • Confirmation that the bug report is on the most recent app build. Do not report a bug if you don’t know.

  • Short concise description of the issue that clearly describes the bug

  • Supporting screenshots that display the issue

  • Link to any relevant BSCScan or Etherscan TXs

John on the SafeMoon Community Discord

  • I’m gonna do a poll here: Who is my favorite community?
    1. SafeMoon
    2. Still SafeMoon

  • Hey John can you tell us what plans you have for Mooncraft? What uses can we have as a community by playing it? Thanks!!
    John: It’s still being developed🙂looking forward to playing with you all on there.

  • John, wen more coins on the swap?
    John: We are working on it. Many more to come. We are selective in the process.

  • I would like to talk with the manager🙋‍♂️
    John: So would I. But Ryan and everyone else keeps saying I am the manager. I’m starting to believe them
    I thought Charles was the boss 😆
    John: So did I. Thought power was based on height.

  • John, is the team releasing the exchange in countries as they give us the green light or are we waiting till all countries approve before the exchange is released?
    John: Ideally we would like to release in phases.

  • John: Move in Continues.

Are they in the corner so there is space for Charles?

John: Charles’s office is in there.

  • Captain, what’s the current stance on SafeMoon roadmap, do you intend publishing one? Or maybe even better, an equivalent as a video? Just to give a coherent overview of the current SafeMoon ecosystem projects and plans for newbies. We got a video on Operation Pheonix but that is rather ambitious side project you are working on. I suppose first introducing the basic ecosystem (SafeMoon Exchange/Blockchain) for a newbie would make sense?
    Side project? Research Macro IOT.

  • John, this may be a long shot but is it possible to make our own mini-wind turbines and burn SafeMoon, is Op Phoenix open source?
    No, its not open source.

  • Will we be able to purchase turbines with SafeMoon in the future!?!?
    In a way, yes.

  • How can I purchase SafeMoon without paying such high gas fees?
    Nobody tell them about Eth gas fees, not sure they could handle it.

  • Anything coming our way this month we should be prepared for?
    Nothing I’ll tell you right now.

John on the SafeMoon Gaming Discord

  • Saturday, I will be going a SafeMoon game day for 3 hours. Might play some Foxhole, so we can stack the team with the SafeMoon Army. Will be playing from 1200 – 1500 Mountain Time.

  • What game we playing tomorrow? I am planning on a few rounds of BTB on Halo at least. Then maybe dive into some Foxhole.
    Fortnite, Battlefield 2042, FIFA
    I’ll add BF 2042.

  • You good at Halo yet?
    You’ll find out tomorrow. Spoiler alert, I’m OK. Solid 6/10. 18 kills, 23 deaths.

John and Dan from Xidax

Check out John’s new desk!

Advice from the SafeMoon Community

Thank you @Vicoseven for this reminder! It’s so important to stay educated on how to protect ourselves from scammers.

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