The SafeMoon Migration Reimbursement is Now Underway! This is a Must Read!

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“We DO NOT do support on Twitter. We have stated this from the beginning. We will NEVER ask you for your 12 word passphrase.” -John Karony, SafeMoon CEO


Please take a moment to educate yourself on the migration process prior to migrating!! Not doing so could result in total loss of your SafeMoon Tokens!!! All transfers, purchases, and sells of V1 SafeMoon are 100% taxed, which result in a loss of your tokens. You can check out a step-by-step tutorial here.

SFM Holder: Can someone tell me where the migrate option is in the app?
John: In the Swap tab, it will be at the bottom “consolidate” or “migrate” but do not swap
your v1 for v2 like you normally would.

Interested in adding multiple wallets to your SafeMoon Wallet app? Click here to learn how!

• SafeMoon Wallet

“Ok everyone. I’ll say it again. Do NOT transfer your tokens to the SFM Wallet. IMPORT
YOUR SEED PHRASE. We’ve been hounding this for months. We have tweeted, put a
banner on the site, etc. Need you all to help spread the word.” – John Karony, SafeMoon CEO

Wallet Connect is completed for both iOS and Android! A few items are being finished up before the next update is ready for submission.

When asked if pTokens will automatically be migrated to V2, Ryan replied, “Yes, we are working toward automatic migration.”

The SafeMoon Easter Egg Wallet was “brute forced,” or hacked, with 10 of the 12 passphrases. Ryan commented, “What happened here is EXACTLY what we “expected”. This is a lesson to the DeFi space. Without “upgraded encryption” in DeFi, any hacker can access any wallet. Our Encryption will solve this! Our quiz is setup to give the real winner a PK, not seed phrases.♟” See further comments below.

SFM Holder: Wen is the next wallet update?

John: No idea, I just work here.

SFM Holder: Have you seen an increase of SafeMoon Wallet downloads since Time
Square billboard ads?

John: Yes

SFM Holder: Serious question. Is there a way to add a button to the calculator that pulls
your coin balance into the calculator? They have the price button that pulls price but could a button be added to pull your coin balance? Maybe an option to long press and pull any
coin’s balance from your wallet into the calculator?
John: I heard yah the first time. JK JK, that feature has been discussed. Not sure where it
falls on the priority list.

• Operation Pheonix:

SFM Holder: What’s one thing you revealed in the Op Phoenix video that no one has
caught yet? Are you 3D printing turbines?

John: What we are doing is proprietary.

• SafeMoon Exchange/Blockchain:

SFM Holder A: Will the exchange happen this year?

John: That is the plan.

SFM Holder B: How likely?

John: What kind of question is that? And I’ll say it again, I won’t give details, no matter
how small, until it’s ready 🙂

SFM Holder:
Have any of the core team we have built an exchange or blockchain
before? Asking for a friend.

John: What kind of question is that? SafeMoon isn’t a generic crypto project. We are a
tech company. With almost 1 million users on our wallet alone.

SFM Holder: It’s a simple question, have we or not?

John: We have an experienced team, yes. However, building an exchange is the easy
part. The compliance aspect is where the real work sits. Not sure if you were asking a
baited question or not. But there you go.

SFM Holder: We have an exchange?

John: Also a DEX is an exchange. So the answer is double yes.

SFM Holder: Promise I wasn’t trying to bait, it was a legit question I had and sorry it I
offended you but all I asked was a question, no bait attached.

John: No worries. Yes, we have an experienced team. And great lawyers. The actual tech
side is the least amount of work, and cost. It comes down to the compliance side of

SFM Holder: As a tech company, do you employ people with the expertise to build us a
blockchain that stands out from the rest? Or are you still in the selection process?

John: No, we hire hedgehogs. But the theory is if we get enough hedgehogs, the job
will get done.

SFM Holder: How is the progress on compliance? Like is there a clear road to follow or is it gonna be a bumpy one?

John: It’s a clear road. One filled with lots, and lots and lots of paperwork.

SFM Holder: How far down the road are we?

John: A decent way along.

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