SafeMoon Sunday January 9th 2022 Streamed Live and More!

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John Karony, CEO and Ryan Arriaga, Global Head of Products

Streamed live on SafeMoon’s Official YouTube Channel at SafeMoon Headquarters for the first time, SafeMoon’s CEO, John Karony and Global Head of Products, Ryan Arriaga gave us an update of current progress and future plans.

“Again this is a Pilot for a YouTube Live. So if there is anything that we need to tune up, please let us know. We always listen.” -John

SafeMoon Wallet and SafeMoon Connect

One topic discussed was how the current and planned features within the SafeMoon Wallet were needed to “connect” together…”We always said Wallet Connect will be the very first piece of our ecosystem…and was integral for us rolling out our ecosystem.” said Ryan. With Wallet Connect done and the faster Swap, more can be integrated, such as swap partners with SafeMoon Connect. SafeMoon Connect is essentially a “portal” that will connect all users and all SafeMoon e-commerce providers. “A great ‘connector’ for small businesses selling merch online to even buying vehicles online.” John has been in discussions with partners regarding buying vehicles with cryptocurrency. Also mentioned was how the SafeMoon Connect Hub will be able to be utilized by influencers to accept tips, gifts, and payments. See image below.

Official SafeMoon twitter account responded to the image above in a Tweet, “Can you say that again @TheFudHound and @CptHodl? #SAFEMOONCONNECT“. To which Ryan then responded. “This is One of many Payment Link Offerings. Your SafeMoon Connect Payment link will be your personal or your brand’s connection to the Web3 DeFi world!! …We will be releasing a waitlist for the first batch amount for those to RESERVE their SafeMoon Tags/Paylinks!”



• Nearly 1 Million User downloads!

• The SafeMoon Wallet has a fundraising feature planned

• Wallet Connect was the first, integral piece for the SafeMoon Wallet.

• SafeMoon Connect is a hub for user and e-commerce. Tips, Gifts and more offered through a simple link. More information will be released in time!

• The ecosystem in the SafeMoon Wallet will allow us to bring partnerships into the wallet for easy accessibility! This will be tied into SafeMoon Rewards, so stay tuned for more information!


• Additional plans for a module dedicated to NFTS and collectables within the SafeMoon Wallet app. An NFT-Lineup from SafeMoon is planned and these will live symbiotically within the Metaverse and real life. The first lineup “Naughty Nauts” will be available in the future with more to follow, merch NFTs and even turbine NFTs, where holders of the that NFT line will take part in minting a turbine and receive SafeMoon with every turn!


• Merch is coming back! And with style. SafeMoon has partnered with a company in Utah for high quality SafeMoon Merch! SafeMoon Merch will be easier to buy once it’s live again! Get ready to put our pre-order in!!!

The SafeMoon Card

• The SafeMoon Card is still in the works! Which can be used to make purchases with your SafeMoon and also with your other cryptocurrencies held on the SafeMoon Wallet. A special launch edition of the SafeMoon Card is planned and there will be a waitlist available soon to sign up! Expected to release in Q2!


• John has been working with BitMart executive team and mentioned that “BitMart is committed to making things right,” to which Ryan added that “Through this process we can tell they are trying to do the right thing.” More information will come from BitMart this week.

SafeMoon Rewards

• The ecosystem in the SafeMoon Wallet will allow us to bring partnerships into the wallet for easy accessibility! This will be tied into SafeMoon Rewards, so stay tuned for more information!

Operation Pheonix

• The specific complex technology used for the wind turbines is patent pending.

• NFT Turbines! See NFT section above.

SafeMoon V2 (Security, accessibility, and quality)

• We have already been experiencing the benefits of the Security that V2 has brought with it!

• Insuring LP is much better than locking it! Insuring treasury are SafeMoon’s plans.

• The migration process on SafeMoon V2 on exchanges is still on the way, please be patient. The team is currently going through the process with our partners.

• If you haven’t migrated, DO NOT TRANSFER! Please IMPORT your wallet! We don’t do support through Twitter. Always do a small amount to test transaction.


• The SafeMoon Website has on average over 30 million unique requests per month and received 100m requests last month, due to this website optimization is in the works. When backend optimization is complete, data will be showing.


• Larger partners have to be in compliance, we have to be in compliance. With the SafeMoon card, Operation Pheonix, the exchange, and SafeMoon innovating beyond the typical token landscape compliance is imperative!

Thank you from John and the team

• John and Ryan express their genuine gratitude to the community, moderators, and educators for all their hard work, time, and dedication.

SafeMoon Sunday started with a video made from one of SafeMoon’s Discord Moderators, Hypafly! The video flashed through all of SafeMoon’s accomplishments in 2021 and ended with, “See you in 2022”. Great Job HypaFly!


John: Welcome SafeMoon Army to the first SafeMoon Sunday of 2022. Ryan, are you excited?

Ryan: I’m stoked. This is a new frontier.

John: Alright, Happy New Year, first off. Hopefully everyone is sticking with their new years resolutions, we’re not even a month in. Ryan, why don’t you introduce yourself real quick?

Ryan: I’m Ryan Arriaga, the Global Head of Products for SafeMoon and here in the HQ, by the way. The HQ, you’ve seen the pictures on Twitter and social media, [they] do it no justice. Absolutely great spot you chose, John. Having John in the office right next to me is a spark of innovation for us. It’s awesome!

John: And to kick off 2022, we have a new format. We’re doing a YouTube Live from here moving forward. Again, this is a pilot for a YouTube Live, so if there’s anything we need to tune up, please let us know, we always listen.

Alright, let’s kick it off and hop into the agenda moments. We’re going to go over what’s happening here at the HQ [and] the road ahead in 2022. We’re going to go over a wallet update, what’s coming up next. We’ll talk a little bit about metrics. We’re going to give an update on BitMart, the SafeMoon Card, [and] a few V2 success stories. We’re going to dive into some community updates. We’re going to do an additional breakdown of Operation Pheonix, for those of you who have missed it. [We’ll talk about] a little NFT news, then we’re going to dive into Questions and Answers. And then [we’ll] kick if off there!

Diving into the HQ, so a lot of exciting stuff Ryan, the furniture is in.

Ryan: It’s real! It’s not a set, this is the actual SafeMoon Space.

John: But we will have a set, it’s just right over there. *points to the left*

Ryan: Actually, I stand corrected! We will have a set and it is sweet. We can’t tell them the theme though right?

John: No. Dave’s been hard at work over there. As you can see, we’ve got the bull pen behind us, got the offices right over there; it’s awesome. It’s really nice to be in our own space where we can innovate.

Ryan: It’s very cohesive, too, because if we ever have a question, or if I ever have to ask something or run something by John, he’s about 5 meters away.

John: And Charles’s cupboard is right behind us by the printers. He’s got a double cupboard now. He going up in the world. Anyway, as you can clearly see, we have a new gym workout membership, it’s called pulling me around on the carts.

Ryan: That was the initial test just to get into my office. I passed it, so now I have an office.

John: He is good at delivering products, but we needed someone who could do a lot of the heavy lifting, in a literal sense.

Ryan: And that brings us to the SafeMoon wallet. So we’ll go ahead and kick that off.

John: So we’ve got a busy 2022 with the wallet production, we’ve got a lot of different items there.

Ryan: As you guys know, we’ve launched the Wallet Connect. We’ve always said that Wallet Connect will be the very first piece of our ecosystem. A lot of people still say “Well, what’s the ecosystem?” We’re going to get into that today, because we’re going to get into SafeMoon Connect. But, just to let you guys know, that first piece was integral for us now rolling out our ecosystem. We’ve got Wallet Connect done, and we have a faster swap. Now we can start bringing on other swap partners faster. A lot of people are saying, “Why no swap partners? Why don’t we bring them on?” Because we had to make sure we could make the swap faster and more optimized, and it is now.

John: But… the feature everyone wanted was dark mode, and now dark mode is here. So now diving a bit more into the ecosystem. So we talked about Connect?

Ryan: Yeah, so SafeMoon Connect. What we’ll do is, now that we have Wallet Connect, our next features that we’re going to be having in the app is going to be NFTs and Collectibles. So we’re going to have a module in the app we’re going to be launching and releasing an NFT/Collectible screen where people can start collecting NFTs, but that goes much deeper, and we’ll go into that a bit more later on, and we’re also going to have an ecosystem within the app, where we share our partners.

John: With Connect, you’re essentially going to have a hub, or a portal, where we can not only tie in the holders/users, but also tie in our e-commerce providers. It’s going to be a great connector for small businesses anywhere from somebody selling merch online to buying vehicles. We’re already talking to a few partners there, at least here in the United States, when it comes to buying vehicles with cryptocurrency. There will be an initial launch that we plan that serves with influencers, brands, and small businesses through payment links. These allow you and other people to accept cryptocurrency, the cryptocurrency of your choice, as a brand or influencer through a payment link that can be shared over the internet across all your different platforms. For example, YouTuber tips and also with NFTs.

Ryan: Just to conceptualize that, think of any YouTuber out there, or any influencer or brand who maybe has a platform, or maybe their platform is YouTube, or maybe their platform is Twitter. It’s always easy to share links, just a simple URL. But what if that YouTuber can share a URL, and then when people click on it, it basically takes them to a payment link page. Through that payment link page, that YouTuber can accept tips, gifts, and payments, through crypto. That is one of our very first offerings through SafeMoon Connect which, as John mentioned, is a hub that you will be able to sign into and all the other offerings that we’re going to be offering through SafeMoon Connect will be accessed through that hub. SafeMoon Connect is just the first offering, but soon we’ll be able to get into fundraising.

John: Longer term we’ll have additional product offerings that we’ll be adding, and fundraising, as you mentioned, is a big one.

Now, lets dive into metrics! So first off, the website gets about 30 million website requests a month now. We’re nearly at a million downloads and users of the SafeMoon Wallet so I’ve got a little bit of time before I have to do the pineapple on pizza video.

Ryan: I have the pineapple in the fridge, by the way. *laughs*

John: And then, you know, a lot of people don’t understand that there’s not a lot of enterprise-level solutions for companies like ours, you know, a tech company that’s in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. And in SafeMoon fashion, we just did it ourselves.

So we actually have an internal dashboard that automates a lot of our internal processes here at SafeMoon. Anywhere from our learning management system, [to] the swap portal. A lot of companies have to use developers to add additional pairings. Well, with our swap, we can actually have that with our partnership and listings team. All they do is go in there and *type type type* done and a new token is listed. It’s seamless.

And then we also have an onboarding system for new employees in a secure manner. Again, as I said, listing are pretty much automated throughout the process.

Ryan: Yeah, so, we create our own tech and anybody who’s worked for a Fortune 100 company, typically they’ll have their own systems and their own technology, their “dashboard” or their “internal internet.” They’ll create a control panel or an internal dashboard for their companies that work cross-functionally with other departments.

Here at SafeMoon, we started that from Day One. So that way, when it comes to growing our company when it comes to scalability, all of our departments can update data… legal can work directly with our dashboard. Legal doesn’t have to pull resources from anybody else. Even our swap partners, like you’d mentioned, now it’s self-serve. Our swap partners go in there and we just approve or reject, approve or reject; they can do all of their own seating themselves.

Everything that we’re building here at SafeMoon we’re building for scalability and we’ve done that from Day One.

John: Ok, BitMart, what’s happening. So SafeMoon Army, thank you so much for your patience with BitMart. Again, it was out of our control as they are a third party, however, we are committed to the SafeMoon Army so I’ve been working with their executive-level team since the minute that the hack happened. And remember, BitMart was also a victim in this, however, they are committed to making things right.

You know, Ryan, we’ve really enjoyed working with them.

Ryan: I really like working with BitMart. Honestly, through this process, we can tell that they’re trying to do the right thing and we can see that they are going to be doing the right thing. That to us means the world for a partnership in the future and for our trust in them.

John: Exactly. This last week on Friday, we had our final meeting with them and worked through a very good solution that they will be able to implement. So, this week, more information will come from BitMart and we will let you know about that.

So… SafeMoon Card?

A lot of people don’t know what the SafeMoon Card is. Basically it’s a debit card, a MasterCard, where you’re able to spend your SafeMoon. You know, whether it be on groceries or on computer games, and that’ll be linked to a lot of our e-commerce providers moving forward. And it’s not just specifically SafeMoon; you can spend your SafeMoon but any other cryptocurrency for the most part that we have on our wallet, you’ll be able to spend that as well. So yeah, it can be used with your other cryptos on the SafeMoon ecosystem.

Ryan: And pineapple pizza.

John: Stop. For the love of God.

Ryan: Yeah. Soon.

John: No no no no no. I think we put up the Time Square billboard ad a little bit too soon. It went live and we jumped by like 40,000 users so fast.

Ryan: I’ve never seen anything like this.

John: I’m really happy but I’m also not because of the pineapple pizza. I should’ve set the bar a lot higher.

Ryan: And somewhere on Twitter, someone had a meme with pineapple all over the walls [of the headquarters.] I like that! I think we should do that!

John: No no no no no.

So we’re expecting a delivery of the [card] in Q2. However, again, if anything changes we will let you know. We’re also looking at doing a potential special “launch edition” of the card. Maybe through community design, we’ll put it up to a vote and then it’ll be the launch edition –

Ryan: Like a limited color for the first 50,000 or 100,000 that get the card and they’ll be grandfathered – we’ll never do that color again. Something along those lines.

John: So, we’re always planning some fun things for the SafeMoon Army, but there will be a waitlist soon that we will let you know and that will get will get you early access to the special edition card.

You know, let’s dive into some V2 successes. First off, the one that I want to highlight is uh, we did catch a scammer. They reached out to us and they’re like “oh, my thing was blacklisted. Through brilliant work of our moderation team, the SafeMoon Army, Charles, and everyone else involved with monitoring a lot of that stuff, we were able to catch [the] scammer and you successfully use the blacklist function to where they couldn’t run off with the SafeMoon that they took.

Ryan: John, when we started, security was top of mind, right? And that is something that we took very seriously from the very beginning of V2. We’ve built this framework around V2 that allows us to do a lot of little things that not only help us mitigate those kinds of problems, but also identify specific people who are trying to take advantage of SafeMoon.

John: Exactly. And then, even down to an exchange that was hacked. Well, we’re still trying to come to the bottom of it and [find out] exactly what happened but regardless, there was an exchange wallet address that was used to exploit the system. Well, we were able to stop them rather quickly and freeze up the funds that they had stolen and now they’re just sitting there and our legal team is currently taking the appropriate action.

So, another V2 success. Had we had V2 during the BitMart hack, we could’ve stopped it. *snaps finger*

Ryan: Yes, 100%.

John: You know, it’s all about innovation, it’s about security, accessibility and quality. Security is one of the large pillars that V2 was focused on.

Uhm, let’s dive into some community updates. So yesterday I did a casual gaming session with the SafeMoon Army. We played a variety of games. This was a pilot, you know, I was getting the stream stuff set up so if you have any feedback on whether the graphics were okay, what games we should play, I’ll be doing that here in the future. And be sure to join the SafeMoon Gaming Discord. More information will be put out on our socials regarding that.

I also want to thank you, the community. You have been incredibly supportive, not only to SafeMoon but to each other through this V2 change. Also, thank you for those who were there during the holiday period, who were there for each other, as it isn’t an easy time for everyone.

Ryan: And the community helping everyone with the migration through socials, spreading the word. We know, we understand how announcements, you have to go to official sources, and in defi that’s a little tough because in defi there’s no real official source because people aren’t giving their identity as in they’re not giving their e-mails, they’re not giving their personal, identifiable information, so getting the word out to a lot of people in a decentralized space has become a challenge. It’s up to the community, you guys, all of you in the SafeMoon Army to help each other out and you guys have been doing a phenomenal job.

We also have more education coming as well. You have seen Cats, Momo and Pulse, they’ve been creating new Lowdowns on SafeMoon.Education. If you haven’t checked it out, please do.

We have big plans. Everything within SafeMoon is going into a V2 state, including the education. We’ve got a lot of stuff coming out on scam awareness and scam awareness education, and thank you to those in the SafeMoon Army, the moderation team and everyone who report those scam accounts across the platforms, especially those “Twitter Support” profiles. The more you report them, the more you’re protecting other users. I want to recognize all of you and how incredible you are. We’ve managed to get even, scam awareness aside, we’ve managed to get SafeMoon trending four to five times a day globally since December on multiple days.

Ryan: Even the number 32!

John: Even the number 32! You guys are all truly fantastic.

Ryan: And a green apple. *laughs*

John: SafeMoon is a fantastic force and we’ll be working together more this year to get some amazing stuff trending. Thank you for every tweet, every post, every message, every e-mail. Thank you.

Merch! Merch is coming back. So merch V2, the old way we were doing things was not sustainable from a logistics side so we partnered with a company here in Utah who will be doing our merch for us, so standby for that. Also, we’ll be doing some specialized, limited edition drops here as well.

Ryan: For merch 2, we’ll have a link when we’re ready that will be on the website as well. So anyone who wants to purchase SafeMoon merch, it’s going to be a lot easier. You can just go to the website after we do a bit of a rework and optimization that we’re working on right now in the backend. You guys will be able to see that there.

John: And we have more OG standard lines coming out regarding merch. Again, those are being distributed from here in Utah. We’ve had some very high quality samples and
the first run of orders should be happening very soon. Ryan, we may do pre-orders as well.

Ryan: Yes!

John: Just so we can kind of get – because we don’t collect e-mail data or any other user data, we don’t have the information we need regarding sizes, lines, and everything else regarding that, so we might do a pre-order to get a feel of how many larges, how many extra larges, how many smalls.

Ryan: And pre-orders are so much easier. We can only imagine, if we didn’t do a pre-order and got exactly what we were going to be ordering from the very beginning, we could imagine people would say, “Well I ordered this and I haven’t gotten it. It’s taken two months.” So we want to make sure we’re doing it right from the very beginning.

John: Exactly. And longer term we may look at doing some community-designed merchandise, and special events and limited edition items. Who knows, we might even be able to anchor those merch items to NFTs so.

Ryan: *shushes John*

John: Yeah, we can’t really talk about that right now.

So a little bit of an Operation Pheonix breakdown. So the recent video that I put out kind of went over the nanotechnology and how things are done. The best analogy I can use right now is, let’s say you have this box. You’ve got a sledgehammer and then you’ve got a letter opener. The sledgehammer will open up the box, but the letter opener is the better tool so you want to use the letter opener. The technology that we’re doing allows us to have a more targeted approach to interacting with the air. Basically we’re able to interact and control the air around the surface by using micro- and molecular-level particles.

And uh, by the way, that technology is patent-pending.

Ryan: That’s a mouthful. Take time to process that for a sec.

John: This technology is very, very complex and trying to summarize it in a little bit of time, it’s always difficult. But again, the education that the SafeMoon Army does with each other is amazing so… you guys are becoming nanotechnology experts, it’s amazing.

So, GAMA. There’s a SafeMoon YouTuber who went too far down the rabbit hole… they do that sometimes.

Ryan: They do do that sometimes. Sometimes they hit it on the mark though.

John: Sometimes they really do. I’m scratching my head –

Ryan: Dude, how? Like, “Oh, the latitude and the longitude and then it’s this mountain and *BOOM* it’s there. It’s that suite.” Like how do they –

John: I’m like holy cow, you guys are the best investigators on the planet.

Ryan: We need to hire them for our coin counter-terrorism unit. *laughs*

John: The financial crimes unit should be hiring them, not internally. But anyway, I digress. So GAMA. So imagine being able to mint things in real life and then having an NFT counterpart also minted at the same time. Well, we’re looking to do more with our turbines, meaning when you purchase an NFT – a specific NFT line (Metaverse Development Experience NFTs or MDE NFTs) – a real-life turbine is minted, which means more wind is harnessed and more SafeMoon is burned.

And what we’re also looking at doing is you’ll be able to receive crypto based off of the performance of the real-world counterpart, meaning if the turbine is set up and there’s a lot of wind going into it, the holder or holders of the NFT will be able to receive SafeMoon as well. So burn and receive SafeMoon, but we’ll be talking about those in the near future in its own special moment.

Ryan: That’s going to be a big one. It’s exciting.

John: Yeah. Diving into kind of what it means to have an EU money license or a money license, you know, it means we’re able to do things in a very compliant manner. We want to do things the right way and work within the laws of the jurisdictions we currently operate in. And in order for us to launch a successful exchange and do what we need to do, we need to make sure we’re doing things in compliance, in the right way.

Ryan: Because if we don’t do things right in the very beginning, then what happens is now we’ve built it, we built the framework around it, and we’re going back and stopping, halting, or losing users of whatever product we’ve launched and now that’s a problem for our growth so do it right the first time.

John: A lot of other tokens claim that they’re required to have one and you are; in a lot of circumstances you are. But some other tokens are not. We, with what we want to do and what we’re implementing with Operation Phoenix, with the card, we want to do things the right way, be compliant, and again, it’s just doing things the right way. And what this also means is larger institutional-level players can then work with us and partner with us because they have to be in compliance which means we have to be in compliance. Their partners have to be in compliance.

You can see that this is very beneficial to the SafeMoon Army, to the company, and to the wider crypto world. It also allows us in the future, not saying we are right now but in the future, to become a greater financial tool beyond the typical token landscape.

So, kind of a mouthful.

Ryan: It’s a lot. A lot of mouthfuls today, but yeah. They’ll pause the video, break it down –

John: Yeah, break it down and then we’ll see the person I don’t really know dive into that. *laughs*

Alright, so NFT news. We are coming out with our own NFT line called Naughty Nauts and this will be Naughty Nauts series one. So that’ll be released soon, it’s something we’ve been working on for a little bit but it’s going to be done the right way. This will tie into our metaverse development experience NFT line.

And then what we’re also doing is we’re scaling up the gaming side of our team because we want to be able to anchor these NFTs into the real world, you know. Just like we want to do with the wind turbines, in an environment that supports MDE, you’ll be able to use your NFTs that have a real world application inside the metaverse and then they live symbiotically together.

Ryan: Basically, one way to think about that is that everything about your NFT could appear or have an identity one way but when it’s pulled over to a different platform it has a completely different identity, but you would use the same NFT throughout all of these different platforms.

John: Well, it would be like – so you have the wind turbine in real life, you know, turning and burning, doing its thing. And then in the game, you know, you’ve got a resource generator that you’ve installed on your little plot of land and it’s generating resources based off of energy produced in the real world. So it’s pretty cool! There’s some amazing stuff that we can do with NFTs and, just like the greater crypto market, we’ve just only begun to scratch the surface of what you can do.

Ryan: Now that’s a rabbit hole. We’re limited by our creativity when it comes to NFTs and when you throw in the SafeMoon ecosystem, it just gets even deeper. And we have a lot of great things – we have a series, like John mentioned, our first series will be the NFTs that we launch like the Naughty Nauts, but after that our series will get more and more complex.

John: Exactly. They will evolve.

Ryan: They will evolve, like our company.

John: Well, even down to like – we were talking about this earlier, imagine being able to map your genetic code, put that into an NFT, and then it’s just like instant identification. Put it on a QR code on your driver’s license –

Ryan: And all that information is updated through the URI and yeah, done.

John: Even down to a fingerprint, that is the NFT. It’s just data points that make a unique non-fungible token.

You’re just limited by your creativity.

So there are a lot of questions that have been asked so we’re going to go into an FAQ for the SafeMoon Army. The big one is regarding the 100% tax. So basically, we were shutting down V1, and remember this was a scaled approach and I said this the whole time. We went from 10% to 2%, 2% to 10%, 10% to 20%, and 20% to 100%. So we did a gradual change in order [for] everyone to be aware of what was going on before we actually shut the gate on V1.

However, the gate on V2 has not been shut; you can still migrate. The one thing [that I’m going to stress] and I’ve been stressing this honestly for months is DO NOT TRANSFER YOUR TOKENS. Import you seedphrase. It’s the same thing like with a banking login. You don’t create a new bank account and then transfer your money if you’re going from your laptop to your phone. You log in over here, you log in over here. A 12-word passphrase is your login into the blockchain.

Ryan: And that’s exactly why before we did the migration we made sure that not only could you import your private keys, but you could also import your 24-word seedphrase and your 12-word [seedphrase]. We made sure to put those features in place so that everybody had more than enough time to be able to import their wallets from their other decentralized wallets. And we’ve stressed that.

John: And again, this is kind of a big point, we don’t have control over third parties, and so that’s why we’ve been transitioning into our own ecosystem because at the end of the day we care the most about the SafeMoon Army and we’ll continue to do so.

So, if you are going to migrate, please do not transfer. You need to import your seedphrase. There’s a lot of information on SafeMoon.Education, there’s information on Twitter, there’s information on Reddit, there’s information on the Discord. If you have questions, go to the Discord. There are thousands of people in the SafeMoony Army who will walk you through the process step by step. Reach out to our brilliant moderation team.

Now if you have someone saying they’re SafeMoon Support on Twitter, that’s not us. We don’t support through Twitter.

Ryan: No, we’re taking care of those guys too. As much as we can.

John: And again, always do your own research and then I’d also always do a test transaction before doing any kind of –

Ryan: 100%. Practice always small test transactions. That should be the standard in defi, every time. Before you transfer anything, [transfer] just a small amount of anything, whether if be SafeMoon or BNB. Just a small amount, send it over, just make sure it goes through. That should be the standard. We even had that in a pop-up whenever we showed the migration contract. That’s just a rule of thumb.

John: It does suck when people don’t get educated on it or they just mess up. And that’s where practicing good practices comes into play. Always do test transactions. This is the other issue with blockchain, you know.

Ryan: It is. As a whole it’s a blockchain thing.

John: ETH Chain, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Matic, etc. Always send a test transaction.

And, you know, SafeMoon again, to limit these issues in the future is we’re getting away from using third parties. A prime example was the LP. Had we never locked the LP, which we will never do again since the initial one we did in April, we will never lock the LP again. It’s an archaic thing that, you know, companies do that – well, it’s not companies, it’s projects do to build trust and it’s not a guarantee of safety.

Ryan: No and you can lock your LP but what happens is what about that 3-4 years, however long you locked it for, you have innovation where you need to change that contract like we’re doing now. Now we’re changing the contract for the better. Our V2 has better security now, we have better flexibility so we can work with partnerships and we can actually work with bigger companies and change our contract in such a way that helps us further the agenda of whatever our user growth is or whatever our metrics might be. We can do that through the V2 contract and what John’s saying is when you lock that contract, you can’t touch it. I mean, to redeploy, you can’t touch that LP anymore so it doesn’t really serve your users.

John: And then you rely on a third party that may or may not share the same vision of cryptocurrency and blockchain should be.

You shouldn’t be locking anyways, you should be insuring… which is something that SafeMoon is currently working on. However, because we locked the LP, it’s taking a bit longer. But SafeMoon is currently in the process of insuring our treasury and liquidity pools. The other item we wanted to discuss was the insurance aspect of it, that’s a huge piece. That right there is a big thing that shows that SafeMoon is a major player and a lot of partners, especially here in the Utah Valley, are starting to see that. A lot of institutions are starting to see it.

Ryan: Well and as a startup, when you start, you’re not thinking about all of those future projects. You’re just trying to get a product out, get momentum, get holders, get users that are interested in your project and then you start thinking about that later on, whereas now we’re in a situation where we’ve thought about that long-term. And now with V2 that scalability [and] growth is going to be a lot easier for us.

John: Yeah. Another question people are asking about is exchanges [migrating to V2]. Now if you have made the decision to not use the SafeMoon ecosystem but to use a centralized exchange, again it’s a third party, but we have a dedicated team that works with those exchanges to go through the migration process. You’ve already seen LBank do it, you’ve seen Gate IO, and then a few others.

BitMart is right in the wings for migrating to V2. We have a dedicated team whose soul purpose in life right now is to get those exchanges migrated over to V2. Plenty have already moved over and more will follow.

Hey, Ryan. Wen website?

Ryan: Oh, the website. So we are optimizing the SafeMoon website. We are optimizing it for bandwidth because well, 30 million user unique requests. 100 million requests last month. So the SafeMoon Army, or those who are interested in joining the SafeMoon Army, is very large. I’ll tell you, I’ve worked for some pretty big companies but I’ve never seen anything like this, John. So we’re having to optimize the entire backend.

People are asking about stats, right? Well, what about the stats and the SafeMoon website? There’re ways we have to do it that are smart because if we have that much traffic then that means API calls and that means showing stats, pulling that data from the back from a third party.

John: Yeah, it’s getting the backend squared away and then making the frontend all pretty.

Ryan: So we’re going to be optimizing and uh, soon enough, we’ll be showing some more data on the SafeMoon website as well as the merch and that kind of thing.

John: Exactly, and then we also have a new Status page which is live and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So, go to Is that going to crash us? Every time I say a website on a live stream… Alright, [we’ll] probably get some angry text messages here in a second. Service interruption.

The new announcement system is going to also make it easier for us to get information out so people who aren’t on Twitter, aren’t on Reddit, aren’t on anything and they just want to go to the website, well, this announcement system will help with that.

The other item we’ve been working on, this is something that the community has brought up, is how do you describe SafeMoon to your family and friends? Well, you know, in 2022 we are looking at our branding and positioning. We’re running workshops to develop not just brand language but to be able to communicate the soul of SafeMoon and what SafeMoon is at its core. And what SafeMoon is at its core is an innovative tech company that’s driven by cause, you know, good causes. A lot of us within the SafeMoon family feel this cause but we don’t have a way to articulate [it]. How do you communicate why something is good, why something quantum in nature is good? It’s three-dimensional. It’s like okay, is this a good coffee or a bad coffee? Well, that’s up to the opinion [of the individual]. Anyway, we’re working on that as well and we’re very excited to share more about that here soon.

That kind of brings us to the close out of this. We covered NFTs. We talked about anchoring NFTs to the real world where they live in a symbiotic relationship. We talked about the metaverse development experience.

Ryan: We talked about SafeMoon Connect which is, we only shared with you guys one offering that we already have built and that’s really set up and integrated with our smart contract. It’s really exciting. We’ll give more information to you on the beta release for that. But we also talked about website and what we’re going to be doing for that. And the NFTs in the app, so we’re going to have NFTs now coming through the app and a tab in the app will soon follow for our ecosystem and ecosystem partners.

John: Speaking of which, we might as well just talk about the uhh, what’s coming up in the wallet real quick… before we close out.

Ryan: Ah, okay. I’ve already told you guys we have Wallet Connect already done, but we have NFTs that are going to be coming through, and then we’re going to be, like I just mentioned, an ecosystem. The ecosystem in the wallet will allow us to create more partnerships and bring those partnerships into the wallet so anyone who has an account with SafeMoon, with the SafeMoon Wallet, you’ll be able to access those partnerships easier and more streamlined and those partnerships will also share into something called SafeMoon Rewards.

John: And we’ll go into that at a later date. We’re also diving into additional community content, so we’re going to be doing a lot of that [so] stay tuned for announcements from Mr. Adult, Cats, and our brilliant moderation team. We’re working through additional branding and website updates. We have new technology drops from DarkMoon (we’re patent-pending, by the way). The SafeMoon Card, we’re planning on launching that in Q2 of this year but if anything changed we’ll let you know. We’ve got more wallet features coming out and so much more planned for this amazing year of 2022.

Ryan: I think that wraps it up.

John: So anyway, I’m John. I’m the CEO of SafeMoon.

Ryan: I’m Ryan, the Global Head of Products for SafeMoon.

John: We are SafeMoon. We are family. Thank you for watching.

Transcribed by MomoKombat and Other Kevin

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