SafeMoon CEO John Karony and Global Head of Product Ryan Arriaga Talk to the SafeMoon Army About Updates and More Updates! See what they Said!

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SafeMoon’s VP of Content, David B. Smith welcomes Dru Williams to the SafeMoon Production Team on Twitter.

In Dru’s Twitter bio, he states that he is an “Emmy winning director of photography“, a “Digital Cinema Professional at 43PRODUCTIONS“, a “steady CAM guru” and a “Part107 Drone Pilot”. What a great addition! Welcome Dru!!

Dru Williams expressed his gratitude and excitement on Twitter. “Thank you all for the warm welcome! I’m excited to join the #SAFEMOONARMY. UP UP & AWAY WE GO! @dbsmithsafemoon@CptHodl@TheFudHound #SAFEMOONSUNDAY #SAFEMOONV2


Q: Will my SafeMoon Connect Tag be truly DeFi & anonymous? A: Yes. Data will be stored via IPFS linked to your wallet address. However, influencers, big brands etc. who wish to have “non-anon” Tags can get “Verified” connect badges!”


John sharing some more of SafeMoon’s NFT plans.

If someone mints an NFT in the #Metaverse, there should be a “mint” reflected in reality. #SAFEMOON NFTs aim to do just this. The Turbines are only the start. #GAMA has only just begun…”

“Like IOT connections”

“Macro IOT evolves to Micro IOT.”


Some of the SafeMoon Army in Times Square on January 8th with the SafeMoon Billboard! #CALLJOHN #SAFEMOONV2

“You guys are WARRIORS!!! Thank you from the SafeMoon Army!!” -Ryan


Wen 1 Million user downloads???

Credit to Oggi87 on Twitter, Thank you for sharing.

John on The Community Discord

  • Did I hear that correct we will be able to purchase a windmill ourselves and earn?
    John: Not the turbine itself. The NFT. Which is anchored to reality through a turbine. Will likely do a presale of the first 100 anchored Turbine NFTs. “Launch Editions”

  • So we are going to have 100 turbines in the first phase?
    John: We are not selling the physical ones. Just the NFTs that are anchored to them.

  • Can anyone all over the world buy them? Or is it restricted to America?
    John: We will talk about it further in a future SafeMoon Sunday.

  • Serial #1 included on presale or will be kept by the company
    John: No, you’re not buying the physical turbine. Just the NFT. It is however anchored to reality through a turbine. Turbines are just the start.

  • Will it be 1NFT/Turbine or portions, etc.?
    John: We are looking at a fractional ownership of the NFT.
    So basically the NFTs are acting like shares/ownership over a turbine?
    No. You don’t own the actual real life turbine. Just the NFT that is anchored to the turbine.

  • And will we be able to see the status of the turbine we have the deed on?
    John: You don’t have a deed on a specific turbine. Just like there are Binance pegged tokens (IE USDC or USDT), the turbine will be pegged to reality through the turbine.

  • Can you sell and trade the NFT anchored to the turbine?
    John: Yes.

  • How can I buy this NFT?
    John: With crypto.

  • Can I put a sticker on my pegged turbine. Like a cool one?
    John: For the launch editions, we are currently discussing it. But this will be for the launch edition ones.

  • Hey Captain, Can we get the SafeMoon Card if we’re outside of the United States?
    John: More info when we come closer to release.

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