BitMart Will Now Support and List SafeMoon V2 (SFM) and More!

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BitMart Will Now Support and List SafeMoon V2 (SFM) and More!


An exciting update for the SafeMoon Army!!
BitMart is thrilled to announce supporting #SAFEMOONV2 migration. We will list @safemoon v2 (SFM) within 12 hours.
☑️ Deposit opens at 11:00 AM on 1/11 EST
☑️ $SFM/USDT pair will be available at 12:00 PM on 1/11 EST

To see the migration status of other exchanges, scroll down to Exchange Migration Update.

SafeMoon Connect

Ryan responded to the SafeMoon Army after many had been speculating over a tweet that he had made back in June when he wrote “SOLVED: What if you built a groundbreaking tech that ⬆️ VOLUME & TRANSACTIONS for #SafeMoon & you are so committed to the #SafeMoonCommunity that you wanted it to be an official SM product instead of your own? How would you get @CptHodl@papacthulu attention?”

His response to the SafeMoon Army was this: “Many have been asking. Yes! #SAFEMOON Connect was something that was built 8 months prior to me being onboarded w/SF. I’m fact, it’s been completed & staged for over 7 months now. Wallet & dapps needed to come first to do it right. Step by step.”

A follow-up question within the comments was asked: “So are there any other hurdles before we begin implementation?”

To which he responded…

Just some to-do’s that deal with Web3 implementation. But of course we needed to also finish V2 as well. So we have some tasks but nothing TOO crazy.”


Ryan tweeted out another message today, but this time it’s all about the encryption team!

He says, “The #SAFEMOON Encryption Team chat today got us juiced! You don’t just launch any working product, you launch the “right” product.

There’s 3 parts to this that have to be built perfectly with Connect 👇

– Upgrade Encryption

– SafeMoon Tags
-SafeMoon Rewards SC

A member of the SafeMoon Army replied, “I have a question. What does this mean for those of us that are not influencers or don’t expect anybody to be tipping us or anything like that?” Ryan answered, “Definitely NOT just for influencers! Imagine your own Decentralized Venmo…but cooler!


TaxBit, an industry-leading tax & accounting software for the digital economy that’s enabling widespread adoption with real-time data automation and support, tweeted. “New year, new ______. We have an exciting announcement coming soon! What do you think it could be? Share your predictions below — we’re giving away TaxBit swag for the first 10 guesses.”

John then replied, ” Does it have something to do with Taxes or crypto? 👀👀👀“. To which Global Community Manager, Mr. Adult quote tweeted with a binoculars Gif.

Check out TaxBit’s supported network companies below 👇👇👇

“They are a great Utah company that is also innovating in the space. Excited for #SAFEMOON to be part of the #TAXBIT network.” John tweeted in response to TaxBit’s most recent tweet saying, “ We’re thrilled to finally share the big news—TaxBit Network is here! Learn how we’re helping alleviate the cost and pain of crypto tax forms with UNLIMITED transactions and FREE tax forms.”


John sent out this short but interesting tweet: “Meta IOT🤔

SafeMoon Production Team

New SafeMoon Production team addition, Dru Williams tweets his excitement:

UP UP & AWAY Beyond stoked to help the @safemoonhq build out their studio and join the #SAFEMOONARMY 2022 is the year!”

SWaP by SafeMoon

Galan of Taa, one of SafeMoon’s discord Senior Moderators who works closely with the SafeMoon Wallet team, has tweeted about the ability to swap using SafeMoon’s webswap outside of your wallet (external browser) by using Wallet Connect.

Be certain before connecting your wallet you have the correct URL:

Exchange Migration Update

UPDATE 1/11/2022


CatsRus reminds everyone “Education is key to your financial freedom, So why not check out: // have lots of content surrounding #SAFEMOON and also #Crypto. Now this is just the start, more content is coming and fast. SafeMoon is the Evolution!

John on the SafeMoon Community Discord

• John: Meta IOT. Think about it.

Mod: I have yet to see an NFT image that I would keep even if someone gave it to me free. Like someone else said, most of the image NFT’s are Tax/money laundering scams

John: I only have truly bought 3 NFTs. 1 was a test, and the other two were for a charity auction.

Mod: It’s an interesting conversation, and you likely have more in store with NFT’s than I comprehend.

John: As I said. Wind turbines are the beginning. We have truly only scratched the surface of what this tech can do.

• SFM Holder: It’s real, wow.

John: We have worked with them in a sustainable resolution. Users will be able to withdraw V2. I actually really value the partnership. And empathize with the situation they were in. I talked with Sheldon and Chad a lot over the past few weeks. Remember, BitMart was also a victim. But they were left holding the bag to clean it up. Which they are.

SFM Holder: Thanks Cap! We need more leaders like you and Ryan.
John: We are committed to SafeMoon. Don’t ever doubt it.

• SFM Holder: I will buy a turbine… but can mine be labeled Broombine?

John: We are looking at benefits of the launch editions. Meaning you can put an approved name or design on the turbine. Still finalizing that.

• SFM Holder:

John: LP/Treasury* But yes. They will be doing DAILY reflections.

• SFM Holder: I’m sure this is like may other things you can’t discuss, but it seems like some good negotiations took place to reduce the pain of getting our partner whole but providing better tokenomics support vs monthly reflections. It was painful but this seems like a really great outcome

John: We are committed to the cause and our users.

SFM Holder: That has been made abundantly clear. Great work

John: Some folks forget it.

• SFM Holder: John, when buy button….? For me, this is the #1 thing which makes more people easily buy SafeMoon..

John: We have 2 providers on the Wallet. But I think a card and e commerce partners are cooler than a buy button.

SFM Holder: Will the cards be available worldwide or only USA and EU?

John: The plan is wherever it is supported. But that depends on your local laws.

SFM Holder: What about a direct buy option for all tokens through SafeMoon’s ecosystem or is that like basically an exchange and I’m being dumb lol

John: We already support some of that on the SafeMoon Wallet.

• SFM Holder: I’ll sell my ASUS TUF 24gb 3090 for 12 million SafeMoon

John: And with the 2% transfer fee, it’s easier to do things like this now.

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