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SafeMoon V2

Still haven’t migrated your SafeMoon V1 to SafeMoon V2 (SFM)?


Purchases, Sells, and Transfers of SafeMoon V1 are 100% taxed!

The ONLY TWO WAYS to Consolidate to SafeMoon v2 is by using the SafeMoon SWAP via or the SafeMoon Wallet (if you do not hold your SafeMoon on the SafeMoon Wallet DO NOT TRANSFER, import your seed phrase into the SafeMoon Wallet and then proceed with consolidation).

Use to locate the Official SafeMoon Wallet app! If you do not use one of these two methods, you will lose all of your tokens!

Hold your SafeMoon V1 on an exchange?

Partnered exchanges will do the migration for you! DO NOT transfer your V1 tokens. SafeMoon has been in contact with all partnered exchanges and these exchanges have all they need to do the Migration. SafeMoon does not know when these exchanges plan their migrations and when halting of trading SafeMoon V1 will take place. Please contact your exchange for this information.

Hold your SafeMoon V1 on ETH blockchain (pSafeMoon)?

According to pNetwork DeFi owner, Thomas Bertani, pSafeMoon V2 is coming soon. If you would rather not wait, you can use Wallet Connect on the SafeMoon Wallet and then bridge to send ERC-20 pSFM to BEP-20 SFM V1 tax free. You could then migrate your SFM to V2 by using one of the two methods mentioned above. Click the link for the dapp to swap your pSFM:

SafeMoon Blockchain & SafeMoon Exchange

This question was asked today on SafeMoon’s community discord, “How come you guys don’t talk about blockchain or the exchange anymore?” John replied with
Because we are working through it right now.”

SafeMoon Rewards

If you keep up with all of the SafeMoon tweets, you probably remember this little nugget from Ryan, Global Head of Products, from the other day. “How do you increase the burn of V2 WITHOUT actually making people sell or spend their V2 if they want to hold it? Then to take it one step further, simultaneously increase a BUY IN of V2 from other crypto? Problem solved! 😄#SAFEMOONREWARDS #SAFEMOONV2 #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY

Well, yesterday Ryan elaborated on that tweet even further saying, “Follow up 2 last twit. #SAFEMOON Rewards will be the “middleware” that ties all of our product lines together, increases burn, rewards buyers for purchasing from our ecosystem & encourages “staking” of V2, win, Win, WIN.

When a SafeMoon holder replied, “You know we’re all maxing out that stake function,” Ryan confirmed, “The more you stake, the more you make.”

Another commenter asked, “Ryan does it have anything to do with Beefy or are you making your own platform?

Ryan responded with, “Making? It’s already built.”

Why would we stake when we already get reflections from holding?” inquired another SFM holder.

Why not get both?” Ryan asked.

The tax redistribution is set… how would people earn more than that redistribution from staking? Where would those rewards be pulled from?”

Transaction fees from buyers to sellers from our ecosystem 🙂 Community driven ecosystem.

SafeMoon Job Posting

Here at SafeMoon we will always strive for the best results.

SafeMoon is a leading innovative blockchain tech company serving 2.5 million + holders and our community is at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to increase economic freedom around the world. Our growing team is built on trust, high performance and a passion for emerging technologies and is rewarded for their effort through highly competitive pay and benefits, an excellent team focused culture and a fun and dynamic work environment. To learn more and apply, click the image below! 👇👇👇




SafeMoon’s Communications and Education Manager, CatsRus, tries so hard to answer everyone’s questions! He tweeted out today, “So just to let everyone know. I am not ignoring you at all I just can’t keep this down!” Referring to a screenshot showing 7k messages he was trying to work through. Thank you for all your work, Cats!

John on SafeMoon Official Discord (Transcript)

SafeMoon Holder: How come you guys don’t talk about blockchain or the exchange anymore?
John: Because we are working through it right now.

John: Who’s coming to Cryptopia?
SafeMoon Holder: You gunna be at the Meta Mask after party?
John: Idk I just work here.
SafeMoon Holder: What’s your speech about at the event?
John: It’s about stuff, and some things.

SafeMoon Holder: You announcing anything cool at Cryptopia by chance?

John: No idea lol

SafeMoon Holder: Is Ryan coming? 💪👀

John: Who’s gonna carry me?

SafeMoon Holder: I’m reporting CptHodl on Instagram unless you tell me it’s you. The account has 80k followers..

John: That’s not me. My username is John_Karony on IG.
SafeMoon Holder: I know, I follow you already and made a video pushing your IG/YT channel. Thank you, I’ll report it. Everyone else should as well.
John: I think that person offered to hand it over awhile back. Would be sweet if they reached out again.
SafeMoon Holder: Btw I reported CptHodl on IG @CPT_HODL_T_MUN . I messaged him and he was not very nice at all, and started insulting me and said handing the account over would be stupid, so I reported him for pretending to be you. lol just FYI

John: Wow, that’s rude. I don’t like being impersonated.

SafeMoon Holder: We scrapped the Lambos, forget about it… Wen turbine NFT with live stream to show off to random strangers and make them feel inferior?

John: Now that is an NFT Flex.

SafeMoon Holder: Is there any way you can have Charles the Tall give us a tour of his cupboard, Cribs style?

John: Charles of the Tall does not have time at this moment. He’s still moving in.

SafeMoon Holder: How many wallet downloads we at ?
John: I don’t want to talk about it.

SafeMoon Holder: Lol. What do you like to talk about..

John: Not about the rapid success of the SafeMoon wallet. I still got time. Not at 1 mil users yet. Thought it would take 6 months to hit it. We did it in less than 4.

SafeMoon Holder: I own a business and genuinely started taking advantage of the 2% tax lol. SAFEMOON IS THE EVOLUTION!!!

John: That is awesome!

John: I think for the next game day, we are planning on maybe doing Star Trek bridge crew stream with the team.

SafeMoon Holder: What’s up with Papa’s tweet, John?

John: No idea. Nor does it matter to me. I don’t spend a whole lot of time on Twitter except to interface with the community.

Veno’s Riddle

Veno has added some more letters to his cryptic image. He tweeted it saying this, “”🔭What is Blue now, may be Green later.” 🤔👀

Community Creations

Another great video creation by Discord moderator, Hypafly! Awesome work!


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