SafeMoon News 01-13-22 What to do if you have pSafeMoon? What is Cryptopia? and More!

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Do you have pSafeMoon? Here’s an update from Galan of Taa, one of our senior moderators. He advises, “For people waiting for pSafeMoon to migrate (soon), you know the #SAFEMOONWALLET has wallet connect now… and the bridge to send erc-20 pSFM to your bep-20 wallet address tax free is still up and running. You could then migrate it to V2. Just sayin’ (NFA)” with the attached link for the dapp to swap your pSFM:

When a holder asked, “Don’t I swap into V1 […]?” Galan clarified that “PSafeMoon is pegged 1:1 with V1 SafeMoon. This is a tax free process. You are merely pegging out pSafeMoon from erc-20 and then the representative amount is credited to your bsc wallet address. The “vault” wallet for V1 is exempt from tax. You receive 100% and can then migrate.

He adds that the the owner of @pNetworkDeFi, Thomas Bertani, has stated that pSafeMoon V2 is in fact coming soon and that “you can either pegout now using the method described in my post or wait a bit until they get it done.” Below is a screenshot of Mr.Bertani personally saying this as well! 👇👇👇


SafeMoon tweeted, “Our very own @CptHodl will be participating in a Crypto Panel during the Cryptopia event Jan 19th! #SAFEMOONARMY come join us and be on the look out 👀” which John retweeted adding, “Who’s going #SAFEMOONARMY? This is one of the first Crypto conferences in Utah. Excited to participate and have a good discussion with other panelists. #SAFEMOON is the #Evolution!

Cryptopia is Utah’s first crypto conference. Although these conferences will be held in May and October, there will be a pop-up event in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 19th. This event will cover four workshops with topics on crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs. SafeMoon CEO John Karony will be participating in the crypto panel with Scott Paul and Xidas PCs.

For more information on the event, check it out here.

Exchange Migration update


BitMart has opened SafeMoon (SFM) withdrawals. For those of you wanting to withdrawal the fee is 2,000 SafeMoon (SFM) and you will need to withdraw a minimum of 10,000 SafeMoon (SFM). For more information click here.


Has made an announcement of their plans for SFM migration soon!

For details click here.

New Exchanges Listing

I don’t think there are two exchanges. lol” After this comment was made on SafeMoon’s official Discord, John replied with, “We are coordinating marketing PR and Comms right now for the first.”

SafeMoon Connect

Ryan posted this question to the SafeMoon Army: “How do you increase the burn of V2 WITHOUT actually making people sell or spend their V2 if they want to hold it? Then to take it one step further, simultaneously increase a BUY IN of V2 from other crypto? Problem solved! #SAFEMOONREWARDS #SAFEMOONV2 #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY

A SafeMoon holder replied asking, “Is that part of Connect?” to which Ryan replied with a simple “👀

Another holder comments, “Our e-commerce platform (#SAFEMOONConnect) will charge a fee for buying goods/services with other crypto using the #SAFEMOON Card. It will then convert that fee to SafeMoon and burn it. Unless that cardholder owns a certain amount of #SAFEMOON. 🤷‍♂ Maybe?” and Ryan’s response was, “👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

Gandalf, a moderator and SafeMoon Scholar, retweeted Ryan’s post adding, “Changing the traditional system of growth in an ecosystem by innovating alternative, better ways to choose where everyone wins – this is #SAFEMOON.

Buying SafeMoon in New York

How to Buy SafeMoon in New York!
This is just one method that has worked for residents of New York:
1) Purchase Bitcoin from anywhere, such as Coinbase
2) Send the Bitcoin to Kucoin Exchange
3) Trade Bitcoin for BNB (on KuCoin).
4) Then send BNB to your blockchain wallet (from KuCoin).
5) Convert BNB to Smartchain (on Trust Wallet).
6) Trade for SafeMoon on SafeMoonSwap


Please note as transfers and conversions of different tokens happen you will incur multiple fees.

Credit for method: Veno

SafeMoon Standard

Some inspiring words from SafeMoon’s Global Head of Products, Ryan, “Before a fight there’s ALWAYS a moment right before it starts where the most fearful will HESITATE. Entrepreneurs do this [before] a [first] product🚀 Companies do this when they stop taking risks, get “comfortable” & FORGET their roots. We DON’T hesitate here.”

A SafeMoon holder on the Discord commented to John, “Hey John. Hope you and you fam are doing well. Is there anything we, the SafeMoon Army, can do to aid the overall cause that we’re NOT already doing? Keep up the good work!” John responded to them with this advice: “Spread the word of SafeMoon and the tech we are bringing. Also, be a good person. Be kind to others. I think this is more important. Show folks that crypto isn’t a weird and crazy place. SafeMoon is the Evolution.

Mr Adult, the Global Community Manager, posted a tweet today saying, “When you stand for something greater than yourself, you stand for those that can’t stand for themselves.”


John on SafeMoon Community Discord (Transcript)

SafeMoon Holder: Sup capt. Let me know when you and the team want that pizza. I’d say you have 2-3 days left

John: Hush you. I still got time.

John: You all pumped me up!!!

SafeMoon Holder: We hit 1m downloads yet?🚀🌙


SafeMoon Holder (insan3): I actually love pineapple on pizza.

John: You are insan3


John: No. Stop you. That’s FUD.

SafeMoon Holder: John is the exchange coming out Q2 or Q3

John: It comes when it comes. But exchange listings are smol compared to what we are building.

SafeMoon Holder: Can you give us a hint when the next big thing is coming ?

John: In 2022

SafeMoon Holder: If you missed it or were unable to tune in, head on over to the new Lowdown page which is headed up by Momo and Pulse for the daily scoop!

Definitely worth checking out. There’s also a a daily elist for receiving the daily digest if you want a copy with your morning joe.

They are putting in some serious work to get us all the information we need on the daily, So huge thanks and shout out to Momo, Pulse and team. Show your love, stay up to date and smash those🔆│highlights

John: Daily scoooooop

SafeMoon Holder: Hey John. Hope you and your fam are doing well. Is there anything we, the SafeMoon Army, can do to aid the overall cause that we’re NOT already doing? Keep up the great work!

John: Spread the word of SafeMoon and the tech we are bringing. Also, be a good person. Be kind to others. I think this is more important. Show folks that crypto isn’t a weird and crazy place. SafeMoon is the Evolution.

SafeMoon Holder: I don’t think there are two exchanges. Lol

John: We are coordinating marketing PR and Comms right now for the first.

Veno’s Riddle

This time Veno, one of SafeMoon’s Community Managers, tweeted this cryptic image. Any ideas? 👀 “🔭”

SafeMoon Community Advice

A member of the SafeMoon Army, Seeking Peace, reminded everyone that “If you’re new to #safemoon and crypto, do yourself a favour and block every single “SafeMoon support/help desk/v2 support” you see. There is no such thing. Not even support bots. It’s all scams. You’ll get everything stolen from you.”

Not only should you block these fake support accounts but report them as well. The more that the SafeMoon Army makes this common practice, the quicker we can get these scammers removed from Twitter and the less chance they have to hurt community members. is the world’s premier 24/7 news feed website covering everything SafeMoon-related, including the SafeMoon V2 migration, exchange rates and Safemoon education.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this page does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and it should not be treated as such. This content is the opinion of a third party and this site does not recommend that any specific cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held, or that any crypto investment should be made. The Crypto market is high-risk, with high-risk and unproven projects. Readers should do their own research and consult a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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