SafeMoon News 01-15-22: What is Wallet Connect? And More!

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Wallet Connect


WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that allows wallets to connect and interact with DApps (decentralized applications). By connecting your wallet to any DApps, you are essentially giving said application access to your wallet. Wallet Connect is huge because it allows you to interact with defi, expands the functionality of your wallet, and provides many more opportunities.



WalletConnect is a very common technique used by scammers in order to steal funds from people’s wallets. They will generally create fake accounts that will claim to be from support, or even impersonate moderators and staff, and they will have you connect your wallet to their websites designed to steal people’s wallets.


They will say that you’ll need to “upgrade”, “verify” or “validate” your wallet by connecting it to the service they send. If you do this the scammer will get full access to your wallet draining it right away. The same goes with your seed phrase, if you give that to anyone they’ll have full access to your wallet.


Remember: Moderators and staff will never message you first. And we will certainly never ask you for your seed phrase or have you connect your wallet anywhere. If you get messages saying you’ve won prizes, you haven’t; it’s another type of scam. If you need help try to resolve it publicly, or assure that the person you’re speaking with is in fact who they claim to be.

The image below shows you a Pancake Swap replica that a scammer created and how you can tell. Before connecting your wallet to any site be certain you have the correct, official URL:

(A big thank you to both Galan of Taa and Explorer, SafeMoon Discord moderators, for this useful information!)



SafeMoon holders, being the detectives they are, found some information within with SafeMoon Education website’s Knowledge Base that has created a bit of a stir. However, Cats assures us that the website is outdated and so is this information. “Just an upcoming update to SafeMoon.Education! With all the [recent] updates to the site, the Knowledge Base has been left [with] outdated information. As such, whit is being updated as we speak!” He adds, “The Knowledge Base is under construction due to outdated information. Please look to stand by for an update later today!”


SafeMoon Standard

“SafeMoon bridges communities through the development of human-based innovations so that we can build a better and brighter tomorrow”, SafeMoon CEO John Karony said in a recent tweet. SafeMoon is the evolution.


Mr. Adult, SafeMoon’s Global Community Manager, shares some inspiration with the community on Twitter.


“The chances missed when we don’t even try are a travesty we decide to inflict upon ourselves.

Choose to try.”


“When you stand for something greater than yourself, you stand for those that can’t stand for themselves.”


SafeMoon Scholar and Discord moderator, Gandalf, reminds us that together we are stronger.


“Individually, we are one drop 💧- Together, we are an ocean🌊


Our efforts in Spaces to educate and entertain #SAFEMOONARMY are tremendous. Therefore, teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success, in our case a growing #SAFEMOONFAMILY 🤝


#SAFEMOON to the moon🚀🌕”


BitMart V2 Migration Update

UPDATE 1/14/2022

BitMart | V2 migration complete and open for withdrawals for a 3,000 SFM fee, however your must withdrawal at least 10,000 SFM. 👉Details:


SafeMoon Glubiz Calculator

Have you checked out the AMAZING calculator on Glubiz built this tool to be used to calculate both reflections and burn in any given scenario. He explained, “I have created it to make the math more accessible for the community, and given anyone the chance to play around with the number, without having to do the math themselves. I have built it in a flexible fashion so the user has the control over all the different parameters in the calculations, and also the ability to adjust the burn and reflection percentage of the tax, meaning it is also prepared for the other tax tiers.” Today, the calculator got even better!! “You all got my head spinning after the Space yesterday. I’m gonna implement a gradual price increase/decrease in the calculator that should make the calculator more accurate over longer periods of time🙏 It’s gonna be up on of these following days 🙌

Just an hour later, Glubiz tweeted again saying “Couldn’t wait.. lol. I have added a way to set incremental price increases in the calculator on, making the results more accurate. You can find it in the advance section 👀 Decreases are going to be implemented soon 🔥Have a nice one #SAFEMOONFAMILY


John on the SafeMoon Community Discord

John: You all know that SWaP is a multiswap right? IE you can swap HOD for SFM, or CAKE for SFM on SWaP or the wallet?


SafeMoon Holder A: How is this patent any different than Rain X? Lol just wondering

SafeMoon Holder B: (Image below reads: RainGuard is compromised of a hydrophobic silicon polymer. The “hydrophobic” part is what causes the noticeable RainGuard “beading” of water on the windshield)

John: Nope. Big difference. It ain’t Rain X.


SafeMoon Holder A: Isn’t Superman from Cryptopia? SafeMoon Tim: Krypton

John: Whoever this is, great round table session.

SafeMoon Holder B: We told you about Tim months ago.

John: Who?


SafeMoon Holder: I’m proud of 🌘│main-chat You guys have literally rocked this for a week straight without any insane incidents and fought off all fud. Love you all. #RegularsOfMainChat


NFA not talking about price action. The “moon” is where our innovations are striving to go.

SafeMoon Holder: I just want a dolphin that generates SafeMoon. Is that so hard to ask?

John: Yes, yes that is. Best I can do is hedgehogs.


SafeMoon Holder: How was your day Captain? John: Great day at the office.


SafeMoon Holder: Wen OG Capt America wave from John? John: I’ll be at Cryptopia next week. Looks like its gonna be fun.


SafeMoon Holder: Charles is the one true Karony. He is several inches closer to the moon

John: For that, ill be moving him to the smaller cupboard.


SafeMoon Holder A: Is there anything we should be watching for tomorrow?

SafeMoon Holder B: I guess someone saw a comment that gave them hope something may happen tomorrow. It’s possible but my hope is for Tuesday something rolling out based on some of the exchange wordings. Either way things are coming and they will be here before we know it.

John: Things will always come. We move as fast and efficiently as we can. Which might i add is much faster than most.

SafeMoon Holder C: I’d rather see slower but done right

John: Have you seen how fast the swap is. Also, I don’t think some folks know it’s a multiswap. IE, you can swap your CAKE for SFM, you can swap your HOD for SFM, you can a BSC token to another BSC token. Same goes for the eth side.

SafeMoon Holder D: Swap is lightning! Any plans for new pairs atm? Know you guys are focused on a million things right now.

John: We scaled up our sales and listings team. So yes. it was a Q1 priority for us.


SafeMoon Holder: When will SafeMoon Tim be hired? 👀

John: Who?


John: Yes, we got a listing coming. SafeMoon Tim: Yeah but that’s small to what’s coming right? SafeMoon Holder: Is it [one of the] top 10 exchanges? John: It’s within the top 1,000 Crypto Atlas: Do you spell it with letters?

John: Yes. Whoever said that.

Crypto Atlas: I have officially not been recognized! I have entered the hall of unknown. I feel honored I’m pretty sure.


SafeMoon Holder A: Research this bro (to SafeMoon Tim. Image on the right)

John: Yes, what is blue now, can be green later.

SafeMoon Holder B: Our billboard is blue now and will be green in 5 days with an exchange advertisement

SafeMoon Holder C: What exchange logo is green? KuCoin only?

John: The heck if i know. I just work here.


Veno’s Riddle

“A friendly reminder that all official project announcements (including exchanges) will always come first from [SafeMoon’s Official Twitter account] / core team. That said, a sea of green is rising!”

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