What is SafeMoon their Philosophy & Focus as a Crypto Company 2022

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What is SafeMoon their Philosophy & Focus as a Crypto Company 2022

In this article the author Gandalf discusses SafeMoon as a company with its philosophy and focus.

What is SafeMoon?

The SafeMoon company is focused on creating innovative and human-centered technologies. By creating innovative products that improve existing products and create products that are not yet available but are much needed on the market, new innovations are brought to the market to change it for the better. SafeMoon wants to change the world through products like crypto, blockchain, commerce, metaverse, and NFT products.

The SafeMoon Protocol V2 is a community-focused, fair launched DeFi Token. While SafeMoon tackles all this, it uses the Venture Philanthropy model.

What is Venture Philanthropy?

Venture Philanthropy is a high-engagement and long-term approach where a leader guides the members of an organization to help it maximize its social impact.

This means that the approach of leadership leads to the fact that working together with each other is crucial for our success. Only when we all believe in and represent a cause together we can grow and only then we can show others why and what we believe and invest in and why it is meaningful.

The SafeMoon Army is the best example of a good venture philanthropy approach. We have stuck together in every situation of innovation – whether it is at the beginning and the creation of SafeMoon or later when the first products were presented. Discussions and arguments (whether positive or negative) are good because they have made us what we are today – the biggest and best crypto community. Last year’s award proved this, and it is no coincidence that we won it.

No matter where SafeMoon Army appears: Everyone wants to know more about it. Not everyone is directly convinced, but through our engagement (in Discord, on Twitter, on Reddit, and through actions in real life) we get new members day by day who understand why we are so convinced about SafeMoon.

What is human-focused technology?

Human-centered technology is an alternative approach to the manufacturing system design that views the person using the technology as an active, contributing part rather than a disruptive factor.

Knowledge, flexibility, and creativity of the user are required here and it leads with this technology to the fact that the growth factor of the development of the company can be increased by the contribution of everyone. In the case of SafeMoon, it means for example our own contribution of projects on our own blockchain, the application and benefits of NFTs, collaboration with various partners on our SafeMoon SWaP, and more. All this leads to the fact that our cosmos – the SafeMoon Galaxy – is constantly expanding and will grow even more, the further we go.

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