How will Operation Pheonix impact Altcoin SafeMoon’s growth and scalability in 2022? “We’ve had No Setbacks, Only Progress.” Said The SafeMoon CEO.

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SafeMoon Operation Pheonix Reveal

John Karony the CEO of SafeMoon would like to welcome the SafeMoon Army and the wider tech community to the Operation Pheonix reveal. In the  following article and the above video John will explain Operation Pheonix. The SafeMoon Community has been waiting for this one! To the Moon! is the world’s premier 24/7 news feed covering everything SafeMoon-related.

We are excited to bring you, as promised, more information and updates and our continued progress to push the boundaries of what is possible in both the blockchain and emerging market space. Keep in mind as we get into this overview that Operation Pheonix is not a single operation, but rather a bunch of innovations coming together under one roof. Operation Pheonix is a combination of multiple innovations combined into a single SafeMoon ecosystem. It is also a mindset that we have here at SafeMoon, to continually bring our community the latest and greatest technologies. SafeMoon will never be done, creating more opportunities for our community to grow and have more impact.

Perfect is a journey, not a destination.

SafeMoon is the evolution.

But for today, let’s start with wind! We’ve given you a lot of teasers regarding the wind turbines but here are the details. The use of wind power has proven viable. As background here in the United States, the energy industry is planning 27 gigawatts of wind turbine energy alone. However, centralization of these large wind turbine assets has severe environmental drawbacks. Decentralization also provides a reduction in the need of highly specialized equipment needed for maintenance, making it more accessible to markets such as Africa. SafeMoon always takes the more sustainable and responsible approach. Now, the issues with small turbines are in the past. They were significantly less usable than that of their larger siblings; but here at SafeMoon, an “issue” is just an excuse to innovate.

Just as small plane wings have evolved over the years, so can the physical designs of turbines. One of the technologies that DarkMoon is pursuing out of Area 32 is that of surface manipulation of the foils on smaller turbines through the use of hydrophilic and hydrophobic particles. This innovation for wind turbines is done by using unique micron and molecular level technology, making small wind turbine design even more efficient. Hydrophilic surfaces patterned and applied on a foil wing or turbine blade can be integrated to produce a greater interface with the active motion of the wind. This changes the losses of energy due to the chaotic flows into controlled forces of kinetic motion over the turbine blades. This transfer of energy is enhanced by the surface patterning of the hydrophilic and hydrophobic coating. The technology lends to the ability to change traditional foil aerodynamics through the ability to apply surface patterning coatings of hydrophilic and hydrophobic particles. The increase of kinetic to electrical power is statistically, significantly and directly observable with high-speed wind tunnels that use laser illuminated atmosphere and high-speed camera technology to record data.

In this video, we can see a current turbine blade to scale, coated with the hydrophilic material on the surface. You can see the atmosphere hugging the blade, transferring more energy than traditional painted blades. This is done through the patterning of interlaced hydrophilic and hydrophobic particles, to turn and reduce chaotic flows into controlled laminar flows which increases the amount of harvested kinetic energy. To accomplish our goal of decentralized turbine energy technology, we are using the following: rapid prototype additive manufacturing, molecular surface modifications, computational fluid dynamic modeling, real-world off-the-shelf turbine systems, high-speed real-world filming, 3D high-resolution scanning, CAD and CAM design, and manufacturing.

Alright SafeMoon Army, we just covered a lot in regards to wind turbines and nanotechnology. Now I’m going to cover what we’ve been doing in the regulated space. Well, we just finished filing for a variety of different licenses, one of them being an EU e-money license. The other item we’re working on and we’re very confident we’ll have this delivered by Q2, is the SafeMoon Card. Through partnerships and filings, we have been able to accomplish a lot in the regulated space. These are needed for the release of the SafeMoon Exchange.

Stay tuned for a future when we go more into those items. Another great item that we are working on as part of Operation Pheonix is our true web3 network. Further development in mesh technology to further the decentralization of data and communications is an ongoing effort as part of a collaboration with the energy decentralization programs.

It’s great to see that the excitement over developments in Africa have not diminished. We continue to make incredible strides working through our partners to bring innovation and opportunity to a wider and greater audience. Keep in mind that SafeMoon will always be respectful of timelines and of processes with which we have been given to officially enter markets and industries.

We’ve had no setbacks, only progress.

Operation Pheonix is, again, more than a single project. It is the application and integration of innovative technologies to increase greater efficiency through the proper and correct use of decentralization into macro IoT infrastructure, innovative technological capabilities, and recent discoveries and tests are providing pathways to bring light and knowledge to communities.

Again, SafeMoon is the evolution.

I’m John, the CEO of SafeMoon. Thank you for watching.

SafeMoon is the Evolution



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