SafeMoon News | SafeMoon Wallet updates and Current phase of the SafeMoon Project and SafeMoon V2 is Now Live

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Introduction: In this article The SafeMoon educators talk about the smooth Safemoon V2 migration, the  completion of the educational phase, the current phase of the project, the 2021 recap and more. is the world’s premier 24/7 news feed covering everything SafeMoon-related, including SafeMoon V2 migration, exchange rates and Safemoon education.

SAFEMOON V2 LIVE (Congratulations on a smooth migration)

Educational Phase Complete!

  • Educational information has been released and shared with the community on Official platforms. SafeMoon V2 FAQS, how to consolidate, and Official links here.

PHASE 1 (Current Phase)

  • Easiest way to migrate is through the SafeMoon Wallet.

  • The only official V2 address is posted on SafeMoon’s website. Don’t rely on other sources!

  • Some have lost 10% V2 tokens from migration before propagation was complete. Not to worry. Save your transaction hash and wait for ONLY Official SafeMoon to release a form to reclaim these tokens lost! NOTE : Any form for this not released on SafeMoon official platforms is a scam.

PHASE 2 (up Next)

  • 2nd phase – Centralized exchanges should do the migration for you. Working with 3rd parties, all will be different. Essentially after Ryan and team seed specific accounts to give them access for migration, the exchange will need to Halt trading of the SafeMoon V1 token and activate the SafeMoon V2 token.



Today’s SafeMoon wallet push

  • Complete chart restructuring to improve display and to correct issues. Bringing in trading view charts as well as legacy charts.

  • Importation of 12 and 24 seed phrases as well as private key

  • Multiple wallets!!! With the ability to label!!

  • Custom software built to improve on swap efficiency and efficacy.

Next up:

  • Started on Wallet connect to bring DAPPS into the SafeMoon Wallet

  • New feature into the wallet will allow you to cut connections after 30 minutes to improve wallet security when using DAPPS.


“DarkMoon” – “Area 32” SafeMoon TEAM

Wind turbine tech has hit its limit. How do we push it further?

  • The plans are to use nano technology. The team is working on using application of Hydrophilic and hydrophobic nanoparticles to increase the efficiency of wind turbines.

  • This is the first implementation into SafeMoon’s macro IoT plans and the data received from the turbines will allow the team to use this information to further the innovation in other industries.

  • More on this later this month.

True Web 3 telecommunications network that uses proprietary technology which outperforms what’s currently available.

  • The area 32 SafeMoon team will be implementing this into the SafeMoon blockchain creating a truly decentralized network. It is a Mesh network system that has a broader distance than other mesh network systems.

  • Hardware done and now working on implementing this technology into the SafeMoon blockchain. Building a smarter blockchain.

  • Pushing the boundaries, SafeMoon is focused on changing the future and that includes green energy.

2021 Recap

  • With the restructuring, building of partnerships, teams, minor setbacks, and products, SafeMoon has managed to do what takes most Technology companies years in 9 months! SafeMoon has an incredibly promising future!

2022 (In the plans so far…)


  • SafeMoon Connect – Encryption

  • SafeMoon Rewards! Smart contract built that we will be able to implement. (Hint: NFTS & partnerships, e-commerce)


“To make things very clear the group that was hacked was Bitmart, not SafeMoon. However, I have been working with them to help assist and rectify the situation. They will be migrating. Their wallet was attacked and 29 trillion SafeMoon tokens that were in their hot wallet’s custody were removed from the centralized exchange. I have been assisting them with the process of rectifying the situation. Almost to a solution and when that’s finalized, we will put the information out. It does look like that involves migrating to V2, we were already in the process of that before the hack happened.” SafeMoon CEO John Karony

SafeMoon V2 was vital for SafeMoon’s vision to innovate indefinitely!

Shout out to Randolph on Twitter for showing some appreciation to the little guys, the background warriors. I appreciate all of you as well. Together we are stronger!

Next SafeMoon Sundays scheduled for January 9th and January 23rd. Platform and time TBD.

Official Links to SafeMoon Products, Social Media Platforms, and Exchange Listings here.

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