SafeMoon News 01-16-22 What is Swap & Liquify?

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In this article the author SafeMoon educators discusses Swap & Liquify, BitMart Reflections and more.

Swap & Liquify

What is it and why is it being used?


Exchange Migration Update

Update 01/15/2022

(NEW) ZBG and Suncrypto Update

BitMart Reflections

SafeMoon user asking about the status of daily reflections for Bitmart. Discird Senior moderator Galan, answered with this reply, “Reflections are being distributed now, but so far they are not showing up in the ‘funds history–>distribution record’ as [they] used to. You can just see an increase in balance. Unknown whether they will show a ledger there in the future. Hopefully they will.


Who is going to the Cryptopia? See you all there #SAFEMOONARMY! #SAFEMOON is the #Evolution!” John tweeted reminding everyone of the upcoming Web 3 POPUP event where he and many other Web 3 crypto enthusiasts from around the world will share their knowledge. “Salt Lake City will play host to Cryptopia, a festival that founders are hailing as ‘a village of Web3 enthusiasts from around the world.’Jacob Swanson writes in an article posted on Utah Business. The event takes place this Wednesday, January 19th.

Want to know more about Web3? Click here.


SafeMoon Standard

Mr. Adult, SafeMoon Global Community manager “bridged” together some inspiration and humor in his quote tweet of John’s tweet about innovational developments bridging together communities for a better future. “Inspire to action. Freedom to create traction. Freedom for all nations. And a pizza or two. 🍕”🤭



Some haven’t been receiving their SafeMoon Lowdown since subscribing. Cats addressed this in a tweet. “Still working the kinks out. If you didn’t receive an email today, stay tuned for tomorrow. Hopefully we can get this working.”


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Twitter Scams

Galan of Taa teased about making NFT art out of a collection of scam accounts found attempting to steal people’s funds. “I made my first #SAFEMOONV2 art piece. I call it ‘safemoon 2.0 v2 support desk metamask help support trust wallet binance bitmart care desk seed phrase dapps walletconnect safemoon verification consolidation migrate admin pancakeswap password for safepal ledger assistance NFT'”. Be careful out there everyone!


John on the SafeMoon Community Discord

John: META IOT is the evolution of Macro IOT.

SFM Holder: Explain like I’m 5 🙏

John: Now that will have to wait.

SFM Holder: Why IoT and not IoE?

John: Internet of evolution?

SFM Holder: Lol. You coined that term here. I’m screenshotting that. But no. Internet of Everything. IoT is kind of old school I think as it focuses on physical objects only. IoE however, encompasses the four components (things, processes, data and people), and can imo be considered an extension of IoT, as it focus on decentralization and moving to the edge among another things

John: Internet of the Evolution. Done.

SFM Holder: What is your guess for Veno’s hangman? 😂

John: Sir, this is a Wendy’s

SFM Holder: I’ll take two double stacks and 5 pc spicy nugget please.

John: We are out. And the frosty machine is broken.

SFM Holder: What kind of Wendy’s is this?

John: 1 star Wendy’s. But 5 start tech company. Don’t trust our cooking, but our tech is great!


SFM Holder: How do you feel about 2022, Cap?

John: Super excited.

Venos’s Riddle

“The #SafeMoonArmy can take one action, together. As one connected community, we can be a force of inspiration and motivation for what the future may hold. In 4 days…#SafeMoon“. Have you figured it out yet?



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